417792953: Chinti and Parker - data management

417792953: Chinti and Parker - data management

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6 Service Credits

The managed services team is required to deliver the following:

Merge 3 data duplicate data fields as briefed - details below:


  • Export data
  • Merge the data
  • - merge Male/Female as briefed
  • - merge Telephone to Contact Telephone as briefed
  • - merge DoB/Date of Birth as briefed
  • Re import and map the data accordingly

*Check 10 active programs using date of birth and advise which program/s need to amend the criteria due to data field changing. Client responsible to amend the program/s accordingly. 
*program: we can amend the data fields in the program once it's merged, but if the client requires additional testing, it needs to be scoped separately

*Please note that if both data fields to be merged are populated but the value is different, the one added into the final one will overwrite the original value

*Please note the programs may be affected by data fields change. Client responsible for checking, amending and testing

Total credits - 6