433418503 - UMG - Abandoned Cart programs replication

433418503 - UMG - Abandoned Cart programs replication

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40 Service Credits


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Update of existing AC program to include Stock levels



Replication of currently Active AC – Basic, across 102 accounts (1 credit per 3 accounts)



Please state any additional notes that needs to be added to the service order


Update of existing AC program to include Stock levels


Stock level alerts to be made in eminemus.crmsupport@umusic.com account on active program (Abandoned Cart - do not delete)



  • Insight records for stock alert must be numerical, so logic can be created.
  • Insight records must be present in all 103 accounts before work start.


5 Credits (Initial account- one off)



  • Updating Segment in currently active AC
  • Updating the AP scripts within the currently active campaigns for the active AC.
  • Testing


This will then allow the abandon cart to work in the following way for example, someone adds 4 products to cart, and 1 product is out of stock, the email will only display the 3 products in stock.

(Replication of currently Active AC - Basic) - (Abandoned Cart - do not delete)


Program Replication = 1 Credit (Per 3 Program Replication)



  • Does not include testing
  • Cart insight must be present in relevant accounts, so rules and logic can be applied, with a minimum of 1 record.
  • Does not include the creation or set-up of the campaigns, these must be present in the account already for use.
  • Client responsible for activating and fully testing. If further support is required, a different quote will be needed. 


Total for 103 accounts = 35 Credits

+ Stock Levels = 5 Credits


Grand Total = 40 credits

Time Required for completion = 4 weeks