#5622 - Cat's Protection - Program - Donor Day Journeys

#5622 - Cat's Protection - Program - Donor Day Journeys

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Managed Services Team required to duplicate and refresh programs including campaigns and landing pages.

  1. Programs amendments (3 duplication and amendment) - 3 programs in total 

Change the names so they’re relevant to each event, the dates and address books, as per the notes on each of the programs/ testing

2. Campaigns - replicate and amend 5 trigger campaigns to then be inserted into the updated programs (amend content and links as per brief)

3.Landing page/survey - replicate and amend (x4) 

Details in the brief provided.


Client to provide final amendments 10 days prior to deadline. Only amendments will be made based on the documents provided. If further programs, campaigns, landing pages need amending, this require a separate quote.