#5910 - Häfele U.K. Limited - Automations

#5910 - Häfele U.K. Limited - Automations

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20 Service Credits

The Managed Service team required to build 2 automation programs

2 Programs build (scoping, building and testing, 2 amendments) - 20 credits
*Does not include campaign build


Program 1 Purchasers - 1 step.
Start - Registered customers not in any other triggers 
Email 1 to purchaser 
Email 2 - Reward Scheme offer 
Update contact 

Program 2 Non- Purchasers - 2 step.
Start - Registered customers not in any other triggers 
Email 1 to non purchaser 

Email 2 to non purchaser with generic discount code 
   * Reminder to non-purchasers
Email 3 to customer types that are eligible for Reward scheme 
Update contact 


*Campaigns provided by the client tested
All data fields determining target audience and decisions already feeding into the platform *if data fields aren't syncing correctly and additional investigation is required, a different quote might be needed

* Discount code to use is generic

SLA - from assets and brief provided is 10 working days