#6107 - UMG - Automation & Creative Best Practice Workshops

#6107 - UMG - Automation & Creative Best Practice Workshops

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Automation Program Workshop (With Gav)



Creative Best Practice & Planning Session (With Ger)



Automation Program Workshop (With Gav)


Time – 1 day

Cost - $5,000 or 33 credits.


This automation consultancy will develop an actionable plan for specific automated email and marketing communication(s) that includes:

  • Setting of goals and objectives that are Specific, Measurable, Actionable, Realistic and Timed (SMART)
  • Audience segmentation based on existing client segmentation methodologies
  • Key customer/prospect actions and the resulting message
  • Lifecycle / cadence of an automated email programs
  • Identify future development phases for the developed programs
  • Gap and Risk assessment of any outstanding elements on the critical path to implement the plan


Creative Best Practice & Planning Session (With Ger) – (Does not include design & build)


Time – 3-4 Hrs

Cost - $2,500 or 17 credits.


For marketers, designers or coders, this will take you through the essentials of email best practice. Understand how best to express your branding, house style and core values through your

email marketing channel. Find out how to get your email creative working the best that it can for you; regardless of your recipients chosen platform or device. Understand the medium of email and

how it differs to both web & print creative. From basic suggestions for improvement to concept development. The information gained within the session will be used to spec your new creative in

the follow up documentation.


Includes: 3-4hr session run by our in-house experts covering best practice in email, creative guidance, a look through current communications and discussion around future kit requirements.

Two sets of follow up documentation comprising of best practice in email, creative guidance collateral and planning.