#6199 - BP Fuel Cards - Portugal Automation migration

#6199 - BP Fuel Cards - Portugal Automation migration

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30 Service Credits

The Managed Service team is required to assist BP Fuelcard team to deliver the following:

2 x Automation Program migration
Replicate all Fuel Cards programs, build and testing - 20 hours

7 x Email Campaign migration
Copy templates, test - 4 hours

4 x Landing page migration
Copy templates, test - 2 hours

2 x Survey migration
Replicate surveys - 1 hour

Data Migration Address book creation, data import and mapping, Suppression list export and re-upload – 3 hours



• Depending on amount of contacts in the specific address books the quote my change.
• Suppression list - unless BP provide an identifier to determine which country a program was unsubscribing from, the total suppression list will be uploading, which may contain contacts from different country/programs.
• All potential work to be fully scoped and final costs (development and support) to be confirmed and accepted before development work shall commence
• Files with artwork & copy must be supplied as required, any design or copy alterations must be approved and concluded before the template is sliced.
• Responsive design to incorporate iPhone and some of the most up-to-date Android & smart phone devices.
• Please note optimisation on certain versions of Android (Samsung devices 4.2 and above) may be limited.