#5747 - Deva Curl -  Automation

#5747 - Deva Curl - Automation

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Regular price 24 Service Credits
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24 Service Credits

Managed Service team required to build and test programs and campaign (1 per program) - 24 credits


Program - Program build with campaign (scoping, build and test program, build and test 2 emails)

  1. Post purchase build: ‘Please leave a review’ & ‘Thank you for your review’
  2. Post purchase/ Tips & Tricks: Targeted post purchase campaign.
  3. Browse abandonment/ category specific


*Campaign to be built using existing template

*1 step programs (1 campaign to send per program)

* Data fields to identify decisions and target audience to feed in correctly within the Engagement cloud account, including web tracking- if intervention and fixing is required, it will need to be scoped separately