DMA - 533545228: Service Station - Preference Centre

DMA - 533545228: Service Station - Preference Centre

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15 Service Credits

Required sections
Brief Intro
I would like to receive & then present preference options:
1. All DMA comms
2. Individual Learning & membership updates from IDM
3. Corporate Learning
4. DMA Research and industry insights
5. DMA Events & Webinars
• London events & updates
• Scotland events & updates
• West & Wales events & updates
• North events & updates
6. Supporting young talent through DMA Talent Initiatives
7. Customer Engagement
8. Creativity in Marketing
9. Your legal and ethical responsibilities as a marketer
10. Value of Data in Marketing
11. DMA Awards
12. Public Affairs

List of the options included in the form
Tick boxes.

For each of the preference option above will have a bit of explanation around what that option is all about underneath:
• Brief description in 1 line what the campaign/ product/ offering is?
• What type of comms customers can expect wherever possible?
• Link to relevant landing page where users can get more info on campaigns, products etc.

Ends with save preferences