Extra Optical - Automation and Campaign Management

Extra Optical - Automation and Campaign Management

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Regular price 23 Service Credits
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23 Service Credits

1x program with 1x campaign containing AP = 13 credits

Norway and Denmark
Program replicated with node adjustments according to language/site, campaign replication with updated content and links (provided by client) = 10 credits

Total 23 credits

Program notes:
- contacts to receive the email every month, for up to 6 months to remind them to renew their purchase. If someone purchases, they must exit and re-enol for a further 6 months.
- Program decision and enrolment nodes need to be created according to website the customer came from
- client to decide which time of day the campaign should be sent

Campaign notes:
- we will use advanced personalisation to create the purchase link from the orderInsight data
- client must provide any copy/links/assets for the program builds


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