#5545: KTN - Update to preference centre

#5545: KTN - Update to preference centre

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Datafields for removal:

  • Energy Harvesting
  • Graphene and other 2D Materials
  • Uncertainty Quantification and Management

Datafields For addition (insertion in alphabetical order):

  • Artificial Intelligence in Health
  • Geospatial Insights
  • Materials for Composites
  • Microbiome
  • Neurotechnology

The data field and address books for the two new preference centre fields should be:

  • Artificial Intelligence in Health mapping to: AI_IN_HEALTH
  • Geospatial Insights mapping to: GEOSPATIAL_INSIGHTS
  • Materials for Composites mapping to: MATERIALS_COMPOSITES
  • Microbiome mapping to: MICROBIOME
  • Neurotechnology mapping to: NEUROTECHNOLOGY

Address books for the removed options (Energy Harvesting, Graphene and other 2D Materials, Uncertainty Quantification and Management) will remain live and not deleted from account.