[MASTER TEMPLATE - Strategic Consultancy]

[MASTER TEMPLATE - Strategic Consultancy]

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Instructions to create your project: 

  1. Duplicate this project and select duplicate images
  2. Rename it as 'Product type for Client Name' e.g. Strategic Data/ Automation/ Content Consultancy for Paperchase
  3. Once on the new product, select 'Product Availability' on the right, and select 'Online Store'
  4. Make sure the 'Price' is set to the service credits agreed (leave compare at, and cost per item blank)
  5. Set 'Quantity > Available' to 1 (leave inventory blank).
  6. Save the item and then click 'view link' to share *if you see only 'preview link' after saving then you need to go make sure you completed step 3. 

Structuring your quote

Strategic Data/ Automation/ Content Consultancy


*These typically come in from an AM in Wrike as 'please setup 20 credits for automation consultancy for client, just put a short description here of what is it and who its for, and if a date has been provided for the workshop.

    Cost: 10 service credits
    Quote Ref: #123456789