Numatic Collaborative M2 Abandoned Cart & eCommerce overview

Numatic Collaborative M2 Abandoned Cart & eCommerce overview

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Collaborative Automation Workshop

Session 1.
- Abandoned Cart overview; where to look for the data, creating segments, key info as part of the data syncing
- Abandoned Cart campaign building using the 'drag and drop' block or creating this from scratch using AP - dependant on the desired layout and information to show
- Abandoned cart program setup and explanation of criteria
- What other logic can I use in my program, or things to consider as a phase 2 approach; omnichannel, customer grouping etc.
- Enrollment from Magento *PN, we do not access the clients Magento panel, but we can talk through where to set the enrolment up

Session 2.
- wrap up/ recap of session 1 and any actions implemented since the session
- ecommerce dashboard overview
- working with the data available and where to look for these records
- setting up product recommendations

- all data must be present in the account for products and cart abandonment
- we will not access the clients Magento console
- Session planned/booked within 10 working days of the project being assigned
- Recommend having no more than 4 people join client side to avoid the session becoming a Q&A
- 2x 2 hour sessions will be delivered via screenshare

Cost: 15 service credits

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