ORD-16029-G9F2B6 - St Frock - Transactional Templates

ORD-16029-G9F2B6 - St Frock - Transactional Templates

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Regular price 42 Service Credits
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42 Service Credits

Managed service team required for Transactional Template Builds – 42 credits


  • Digital Program Manager to build templates based on existing template toolkit
  • Templates:

Order Confirmation
Shipping Confirmation $ Shipping Confirmation Cont'd
Product Restock Notification
New Subscriber 
Share Wishlist 
New Account  
Share with Friend        
Return Submission     
Credit Memo & Credit Memo Cont'd  
Credit Memo (Guest)  
Store Credit Update    
Gift Voucher Email
New Account - No Password  
Forgot Password         
Newsletter Unsubscribe Success        
Cart Abandonment - Utilising the standard 2 step Magento cart abandonment 


  • Client to provide example content and access to variables via Magento UAT
  • Testing will be completed where possible by dotdigital. Some testing may be required by the client (to be discussed)