City & Guilds | Multi-account Custom Preference Centre


City & Guilds utilised multiple separate Dotdigital accounts, but required contacts in all of these accounts to be able to quickly and easily modify their email preferences and personal details from a single web page. This was primarily required so that contacts could be moved from one account to another and also provide them with different preference options depending on the Dotdigital account that they exist in.


The Custom Technical Solutions team established the core requirements of the client and worked with them to produce a comprehensive scope of work for a preference centre that would utilise the Dotdigital API to achieve the desired outcomes. This scoping process required input from members of the marketing and CRM team on City & Guilds' side, and the account manager, business analyst, and developer on Dotdigital's side. On sign off of the scope, it was passed to a Dotdigital technical project manager, who oversaw the successful development, testing, and delivery of the project.


City & Guilds now have an advanced preference centre that allows their contacts and customers to really refine which communications they receive.

As Steve Smith, eCRM Manager at City & Guilds explains “It means we can make sure that we only send what is relevant. This covers all kinds of information such as support, alerts and sector news in addition to sales and marketing."

“We have also been able to build up deep and detailed data that we can use to continually refine what we send and how people interact with us, starting with how they react to the welcome programme,“ he continues. “This is driven from the Preference Centre that sends out an appropriate mail immediately after someone signs up, followed by time-banded mails tuned to subscribers’ interests".

Custom Preference Centre from 35 credits plus a monthly support fee. Please use the quoting form linked here for a custom quote.