6500975273 - ParcelHero - Dynamic content block with Liquid scripting

6500975273 - ParcelHero - Dynamic content block with Liquid scripting

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Project outline

The build and documentation of a dynamic content block.

Project detail

A full description of the project is available in the document 2024-05 2024-05 Parcelhero.com limited - Membership Building Block - Statement of Work.

The Dotdigital Creative Studio and Implementation Consultancy teams will work together to create the 6 banners and to build a dynamic content block for use in email campaigns.

The Digital Creative will be responsible for the design of the banners, while the Implementation Consultant will be responsible for creating the logic so that correct membership content block is shown to a user with the corresponding membership level. T

Designing the banners

Our Creative Studio team will design and create the new banners. The client will provide access to Figma or other design file for colour and font reference. One block will be provided for approval and then the variations built once the first block has been signed off.

Creating the logic for the dynamic block

Parcelhero have supplied several data fields currently in use in the account which populate the content blocks. These are:

·         Membership_level

·         Membership_points *please see “Assumptions” section

·         Membership_review

·         Membership_revisedon

·         Previous_membership

·         Points_earned *this field is a planned field; please see “Assumptions” section

·         Membership_discount *this field is a planned field; please see “Assumptions” section

Either membership_points or points_earned will be used to create the rules to show the level up message or the maintain message, according to the criteria below.






0 to 50

Level up


50 to 74


75 to 99

Level up


100 to 149


150 to 199

Level up


200 to 299


300 to 399

Level up


400 to 574


575 to 749

Level up




Figure 3 A table showing the criteria to be used for creating the rules in the dynamic block.


To enable ParcelHero to make amends to the block in the future, the Implementation Consultnacy team will provide documentation that explains how the rules in the dynamic block works, as well as the implications of making changes to certain parts of the block. This will not cover design amends to the banners created by the Creative Studio.









“Planned” fields are data fields that are not currently in use in the account

Parcelhero will confirm if Dotdigital should use the current field membership_points or the planned field points_earned as the data field which populates the number of points a user has.


Amending this data field during the project will require a change request and may incur additional charges.


If a user has a certain number of points, they must fall into the corresponding membership level outlined in Figure 1

i.e. a user with 300 points will always be a Silver user



A user will always have their membership_points or points_earned value populated in against their contact record in the Dotdigital account

If a user has a membership_points or points_earned value of 0 or blank, they will be shown content for the Purple tier



Dotdigital will not create the email campaign that will use the dynamic block, we will only create the banners and the dynamic content block itself



The customer will be available for written sign off

If the customer is unavailable, the customer will either nominate an alternative person to sign off or will accept the delay


Dotdigital will not create the email campaign that will use the dynamic block, we will only be creating the block itself



The block will only be built and used in one Dotdigital account: email@parcelvision.com

If the customer requires the block to be built in a different account, they should advise the Dotdigital team which account should be used before the project starts


If the block needs to be built in more than one account, this will incur further costs.







Adding new membership levels, changing the names of the membership levels, and changing the points ranges that correspond to the message shown will require the liquid scripting to be amended accordingly


If the custom building block created and saved by Implementation Consultancy is deleted from the account, it cannot be received and will need to be rebuilt in its entirely. This will incur additional costs


The rounded corners can be coded in but are not supported on Outlook for Windows, corners will all appear square here. It may be possible to use a white image to mask the corner instead, but this will only work if the blocks are always used on a white background, and drop shadows cannot be used with this technique.


The colour gradient background can be added as a background image, but cannot be changed in the EasyEditor and will not display on Outlook for Windows (a plain background colour will display there instead.)


We recommend leaving off the shadow as the code is not supported well on different email clients. However, we can add an image-based shadow at the bottom edge if desired.


Cost and additional information

  • Quote ref: 6500975273
  • Number of credits: 7


Professional Services Terms

The work described hereunder must be redeemed within 12 months from purchase, on a date and time to be agreed with dotdigital. Unless due to the availability of Engagement Cloud, any failure to instruct dotdigital to commence or agree the work described (in whole or in part) will result in forfeiture of the entirety of the fee and no credits or refunds, pro rata or otherwise, will be provided. In addition to the dotdigital Terms, this product is also subject to the terms found at: https://dotdigital.com/terms/ps-terms/