Asset Marketing Services - Custom Advanced Personalisation Blocks

Asset Marketing Services - Custom Advanced Personalisation Blocks

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24 Service Credits

Project outline
  • The Dotdigital CTS team will build and test multiple HTML blocks (as detailed in the scope of work referenced below), which will utilise the Dotdigital platform Advanced Personalisation Liquid script to replicate the dynamic personalisation used in the standard Abandoned Cart, Abandoned Browse, and Product Recommendation blocks.
  • These custom blocks will be set up in 3 Asset Marketing Dotdigital accounts.
  • Documentation will be provided to Asset Marketing Services to help explain how the Advanced Personalisation Liquid script works and any other guidance needed.
  • Please see the scope document 'Dotdigital Project Scope - Asset Marketing Services - Custom AP Blocks v1.0.pdf' for additional information on the solution.
    Cost and additional information
    • The styling and design of the blocks in each account will be matched to the appropriate company branding as closely as possible.
    • Though the new custom blocks will allow for custom link tracking parameters to be added, and most
      elements can be updated or added with Liquid mark-up, there are some features of the default platform blocks that it will not be possible to replicate. Please see the scope of work referenced below for more details on these.
    • These hours do not include any future support for the Advanced Personalisation block unless it stops working without any editing/adjustments from Asset Marketing Services, in which case the original code will be checked and tested by the dotdigital CTS team to ensure it still functions as expected.

    • Number of credits = 24


    Professional Services Terms

    The work described hereunder must be redeemed within 12 months from purchase, on a date and time to be agreed with dotdigital. Unless due to the availability of Engagement Cloud, any failure to instruct dotdigital to commence or agree the work described (in whole or in part) will result in forfeiture of the entirety of the fee and no credits or refunds, pro rata or otherwise, will be provided. In addition to the dotdigital Terms, this product is also subject to the terms found at: