Friends of the Earth Limited - Automations and Campaigns - ID: 4563674703

Friends of the Earth Limited - Automations and Campaigns - ID: 4563674703

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36 Service Credits

Project outline

Automation and email campaign builds and replications.

    Project detail

    • 9 email campaign builds
      • Email 1 – Welcome survey, Email 2 – Bee saver kit, Email 4 – Plastic tips, Email 5 – Survey reminder, Email 6 – Bee Saver Kit reminder, Email 7 – Final journey email, Email 8 – Scotland email, Email 2 – Regular gift ask, Email 6 – Regular gift ask reminder
    • What’s included
      • A standard or triggered campaign build from your template toolkit or visual provided
      • Inbox testing
      • 1 round of amends
    • What we'll need from you
      • A test distribution list
        • Campaign admin such as:
        • Campaign name
        • Subject line
        • From address
        • Campaign tags
        • Optional forwarding (reply-to) address
      • Campaign assets including:
        • Images and alt text
        • Inbox preview text
        • Copy
        • Personalisation fields e.g., title, firstname
        • Links and link tags/ titles
        • Plain text content
    • Things to note
      • Any requests outside of, or in addition to the agreed project may require a rescope and incur additional costs

    • Copies of the 9 email campaigns above moved to another account
      • Account to be confirmed
    • What's included
      • Migration of standard or triggered campaigns, or templates in to a different account
      • Copy over of campaign settings including; subject line, from name, campaign tags, *from address
      • Generation of plain text version
    • Things to note
      • If any personalisation is used in emails, these data field(s) must be present in the account they're being moved to
      • *Where the sender from address does not exist, we will use the account default
      • When copying any sent campaigns, these will be stored in the unsent tab in their own archive folder
      • Migrations are a like-for-like copy, we will not amend any layouts, personalisation, content etc.

    • 3 automation rebuilds, x2 
    • What's included
      • Migration of specified programs in to the chosen account(s)
    • Things to note
      • Campaign and contact activity can't be moved from one account to another, the following rule types will apply only for activity present in the new account(s)
        • Has been sent / not been sent X campaign
        • Has opened / not opened X campaign
        • Has clicked / not clicked X campaign
        • Created date occurs
        • Last subscribed occurs
      • Any insight data rules will need to have the insight imported against the contact
      • Any channel extensions will need to be setup and active in the chosen account(s)
      • Where contacts are being added to programs via API, integration, connector etc. changes will need to be made to push contacts to the new programs
      • Where contacts are being added from a dotdigital form, it will need to be recreated and set live in the chosen account(s)
      • Where contacts are being added from dotdigital signup form code, this will need to be re-generated in the chosen account(s) and connected to the new programs
      • Migrations are like-for-like rebuild, we will not amend, add or remove any nodes
      • Where any data, campaigns or channel extensions aren't present in the account we will use an annotated placeholder to be updated once required information is present

      Project schedule

      Task Week
      Kick off call to confirm deliverables and timelines with the customer 0
      Programs built in UAT and production
      • Non-Donor Onboarding
      • Cash giver onboarding
      • Regular giver onboarding
      Drafts sent to customer for following campaigns:
      • Email 1 – Welcome survey
      • Email 2 – Bee saver kit
      • Email 4 – Plastic tips
      • Email 5 – Survey reminder
      • Email 6 – Bee Saver Kit reminder
      • Email 7 – Final journey email
      • Email 8 – Scotland email
      • Email 2 – Regular gift ask
      • Email 6 – Regular gift ask reminder
      Amends sent to Dotdigital 6
      Final versions sent to customer
      Campaigns signed off
      9 campaigns to be replicated into 1 account 8
      Programs and campaigns signed off 9
      Courtesy period ends
      Project closes

      Cost and additional information

      • Quote ref: 4563674703
      • Number of credits: 36


      Professional Services Terms

      The work described hereunder must be redeemed within 12 months from purchase, on a date and time to be agreed with dotdigital. Unless due to the availability of Engagement Cloud, any failure to instruct dotdigital to commence or agree the work described (in whole or in part) will result in forfeiture of the entirety of the fee and no credits or refunds, pro rata or otherwise, will be provided. In addition to the dotdigital Terms, this product is also subject to the terms found at: