Hawksmoor Group Limited - UK, US & IE Welcome Automation Build - 4826855393

Hawksmoor Group Limited - UK, US & IE Welcome Automation Build - 4826855393

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Project outline

A multi-region welcome automation build, with testing and campaign builds.

Project detail

Welcome program 

An automation build and test with email campaign builds, one with multiple content variations.

  • Enrolment
    • Previously the enrolment criteria was set as below: 
      • Made first booking
      • AND
      • New to database (created date)
      • AND
      • UK locations
    • As all regions will be covered in this journey, the enrolment criteria may need to change, but it's likely that a decision node will be needed to send users down the correct regional journey
    • If further scoping on this part is required, we will accommodate this as part of the project
  • Decision node – has the user booked with Hawksmoor before?
  • IF YES
    • Campaign sent
      • [Email 1 (Your Visit - By Site)]
      • 11 dynamic content variations (one for each UK location)
    • Delay: 3 days
    • Campaign sent
      • [Email 2 – Hawksmoor 8]
      • Triggered campaign build
    • Delay: 3 days
    • Campaign sent
      • [Email 3 – Our Food]
      • Triggered campaign build
    • Delay: 3 days
    • Campaign sent
      • [Email 4 – Our Story]
      • Triggered campaign build
    • Delay: 3 days
    • Campaign sent
      • [Email 5 – Ways to Hawksmoor]
      • Triggered campaign build
    • End
  • IF NO
  • Campaign sent
    • [Email 1 – Our Story]
    • *Replication of UK Our Story
  • Delay: 3 days
  • Campaign sent
    • [Email 2 – Our Food]
    • *Replication of UK Our Food
  • Delay: 3 days
  • Campaign sent
    • [Email 3 – Ways to Hawksmoor]
    • *Replication of UK Ways to Hawksmoor
  • Delay: 3 days
  • Campaign sent
    • [Email 4 – The Hawksmoor Eight]
    • *Replication of UK The Hawksmoor Eight

      What’s included

      • Creation of your program
      • Testing of enrolment, exit and any decision criteria
      • 1x round of program amends if needed
      • Build of triggered campaign either from a template toolkit, or a visual provided by you
      • 2x rounds of campaign amends

      What we'll need from you

      • Program requirements
        • Confirmation of any enrolment, decision and exit rules
        • The name of the triggered campaign to use in the program
        • Confirmation of testing contacts
      • Campaign requirements
        • The template toolkit or campaign visual to work from
        • Copy and image assets to use in the campaign including; image alt text, link names and titles, any tracking values if different from the account settings, the plain text copy to add
        • Any personalisation fields to use e.g., title, firstname etc.
        • A test distribution list
        • Dynamic content rules* if included in scope above

      Things to note

      • You will need to provide us with copy for your emails
      • If certain types of insight data are being used in the program, we may create flat data fields in its place for testing purposes only
      • Anything in addition to or outside of the above will require a rescope and may incur additional costs

        Things to note

        • Any requests outside of, or in addition to the agreed project may require a rescope and incur additional costs

            Project schedule




            Call to kick off the project

            Assets submitted to the Digital Project Manager


            Assets have been submitted ahead of time, but more may be required depending on deliverables

            Campaigns ready for review



            Campaign amends sent to Dotdigital



            Campaigns ready for second review

            Campaigns signed off



            Automation ready for test

            Testing plan ready



            Test carried out

            Test signed off



            Courtesy period ends

            Project closed