Implementation Consultancy - West Midlands Trains | Re-activation Journey for 'Leisure' Commuters

Implementation Consultancy - West Midlands Trains | Re-activation Journey for 'Leisure' Commuters

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Project details

  • Implementation Consultancy (IC) project following a Strategic Consultancy workshop WMT had late 2023 for customer re-activation journeys
  • IC will deliver the 'Leisure' part of the project, and provide a screenshare post sign-off which the client can then replicate across to 'commuter' journeys


Delivery summary: 

  • 11 triggered email campaigns = 25 credits
  • 2 custom AP building blocks = 8 credits
  • 1 leisure automation = 12 credits
  • 2 landing pages (surveys, pages & forms) = 2 credits
  • 1 form (surveys, pages & forms) = 3 credits 
  • 1 project walkthrough (screenshare) = 2 credits


Triggered email campaigns:

 Email 1 "We haven't seen you lately" Includes an in-email "poll" (yes/no CTAs - link to different landing pages) - poll question "have you purchased a ticket offline since you last purchased online?
Email 2A "We miss you, discover what's new"

sent if the contact clicked 'no' or didn't click email 1

Showcase new features/improvements or services + strong CTA to re-book

Email 2B "Re-discover the benefits of buying online"

sent if the contact clicked 'Yes' in email 1

Showcase customer testimonials, key benefits of online booking management, recent improvements made

Email 3 "Routes and Benefits reminder"

*uses AP 

Using order insights, query number of passengers / adult / child passengers and output different messaging - rules TBC

Emails 4a + 5b "places to travel inspiration"

 Showcase places to travel – maybe some things to do while there
*Same campaign is used for routes “clicked only” and “opened only”

Email 5a + 6b Re-send of 4a

Adjust subject line / destination content

*Same campaign is used for routes “clicked only” and “opened only”
Email 6a + 4b "Update preferences"

*** might not be needed, preference centre needs a review - see notes below table

*Same campaign is used for routes “clicked only” and “opened only”

Email 4c "We miss you"

- The benefits of WMT & email program

- Remind them of benefit of receiving your emails and engaging - get the latest travel news & updates, special offers, travel inspiration etc.

- Reminder to book their next trip

Email 5c "Do you want to continue hearing from us"

Giving them the option to "stay" or "snooze" or "unsub"

**Snooze feature would need to be implemented see notes below table

Email 6c "Last chance before we say goodbye"

- We'll be sad to see you go

- Thank you for being a valued customer and you will no longer receive emails from us [Unless you want to stay CTA]

Email 7 "Time to say goodbye"

Confirmation of removal


  1. Campaign 6a + 4b (Update Preferences)
    This campaign may not be needed. At present, the custom preference centre is only capturing 'Newsletter' and 'Travel updates' communication preference requests. Changes to this preference centre would need to go through CTS which has been communicated. 
  2. Campaign 5c (Do you want to continue hearing from us) 
    The campaign will contain 3x CTAs: "Stay" "Snooze" "Unsubscribe". "Stay" should be a DOI link, "Unsubscribe" will link to unsubscribe link, "Snooze" will link to a Dotdigital survey capturing how long they want to snooze for - one, three and six months suggested


Custom AP building blocks

  1. access order insights to query past purchases and display a summary of previous bookings. Sort by latest purchase_date first and show things like the latest outbound destination, total outbound and return journeys made, total number of passengers, if child tickets have been purchased 
  2. access order insights to query whether the contact is a solo or group/family traveller using 'passengers_total', 'adult_passengers' and 'child_passengers' available in order insights. In decision blocks, show targeted content (to be supplied) for the traveller type 


Leisure Automation: 

A mock workflow has been visualised in the Strategic Consultancy proposal which can be viewed here. For illustration purposes only, a Dotdigital version has been built as a guide for the full automation build - that can be viewed here

WMT will need to confirm if the automation enrolment segment should have any additional include or exclude conditions: 

Landing pages (surveys, pages & forms): 

Two branded landing pages will need to be built which are for email 1. Email 1 contains two CTAs asking the contact whether they've made an offline booking. 

  1. Contact clicked 'Yes': Thank them for offline booking - showcase benefits for online booking management, CTA on page to go to WMT booking
  2. Contact clicked 'No': showcase benefits for online booking management, CTA on page to go to WMT booking. Show 1-2 customer testimonials

These should be very light pages with some easy-to-scan key messages and strong CTAs to booking page. 


Snooze survey (surveys, pages & forms): 

A short survey capturing whether the contact wishes to snooze for 30, 90 or 180 days (1, 3 or 6 months).

  • Email address will need to be captured on the form in order to submit responses back to a contact record - email question can be hidden as we already have the data for the contact 
  • Data field will need to be created for 'snooze' 
  • Question type will need to be 'multiple choice' (radio) so only one option can be selected
  • On submit, a confirmation message should be shown e.g., "Your snooze preferences have been updated" 


Project walkthrough: 

On completion and sign-off of the above, the Dotdigital IC team member will have a two hour screenshare with WMT to cover off the automation logic, and AP set up in the two custom building blocks. No more than 6 members should be present from WMT. The session will be recorded and circulated. 


What we need from WMT: 

  • For all triggered campaigns we will need
    • Subject line
    • From address (if multiple are present in the account)
    • From name
    • Campaign tags (tags to give the campaign for reporting purposes)
    • Inbox preview text
    • Main email copy
    • CTAs and links
    • Images
    • Variation content for dynamic/AP elements
  • For 2x landing pages, and snooze survey
    • Form title 
    • Section header
    • Any banner images
    • Copy 
    • CTAs and links
    • Name to publish the page as e.g., 
    • Subdomain to publish the page on (if multiple are present in the account)

Dotdigital can provide access to a Dropbox secure share space for assets to be loaded to, or WMT can collate content on a word doc/excel sheet and share with the IC team member - providing image assets separately. 


Estimated timeline: once assets have been provided by WMT we expect eight-ten weeks for delivery, this includes a week for testing, and one-two weeks where we are awaiting campaign / landing page / form amends from WMT. If we foresee any delays, we will communicate this with WMT as early as possible. 


Cost and additional information
  • Email campaigns, frequency form and landing page work cannot begin until WMT have provided content assets. Delays to receiving assets will extend project delivery
  • Up to two rounds of amends are included in the project
  • Change to the scope, or entire rebuilds will require a project re-scope and may incur additional costs
    • To reduce risk of delays / re-scoping, the client should supply finalised (or as close to) content and assets as well as confirming any preferred content layouts and template(s) to use within the account
  • Quote ref: #5185386770
  • Number of credits = 52

Professional Services Terms
The work described hereunder must be redeemed within 12 months from purchase, on a date and time to be agreed with dotdigital. Unless due to the availability of Engagement Cloud, any failure to instruct dotdigital to commence or agree the work described (in whole or in part) will result in forfeiture of the entirety of the fee and no credits or refunds, pro rata or otherwise, will be provided. In addition to the dotdigital Terms, this product is also subject to the terms found at: