Institute of fundraising - 650867160: Creative Studio building block project

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Project outline

a. Advise on the two issues raised below:

1. header section is in two boxes which influences display on Outlook.
2. Font size in quad box uneven
b. 4 x building blocks for the Convention and Awards products, specifically:

-- Session names and descriptions with click throughs

-- Options for multiple calls to action
(e.g. Book, Programme, Speakers / Awards Categories)
(e.g."Live Programme" vs "On-demand Programme")...this could include separate colours/looks for the two streams

-- Multiple photos with quotes or descriptions
(please note we can't use round images as we have no design support for creating them)

-- Top Tips (options for various numbers)

-- Sponsor logo section

* Dynamic blocks are not included as part of this service, however the building blocks are editable and allow for dynamic content to be built afterwards.