Kiddies Kingdom Limited - Automations Project

Kiddies Kingdom Limited - Automations Project

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18 Service Credits

Project outline
  • Welcome program

    • Sends to new subscribers as well as re-subscribers
    • Contacts go in to Subscribed contacts from Prestashop 31 01 22 address book via API
    • Single-step welcome
    • Decision to check for opens or clicks after X days (TBC)
      • If a contact opened or clicked, they fall in to BAU
      • If they didn’t open or click, they should fall into an ‘unengaged’ address book
    • Cost: 5 credits
    • Includes end-to-end testing and 1 round of amends



    • Contact did not open / click an email in the last 180 days, and last subscribed date occurs more than 180 days ago
    • Send ‘we miss you’ email
    • Check whether the contact opened / clicked within 10 (days TBC) days
      • If they opened / clicked – exit program
      • If they did not open / click update LAPSED = ‘Y’ (data field TBC) and exit / delete contact (action TBC)
        • Use this data field to exclude contacts from segments if they’re going to be kept in the account
    • Cost: 3 credits


    Pregnancy journey

    • Pre Natal
      • 4-6 – Email with Advice & Products eg Support Pillows
      • 7-9 – Must Have products (Bedside crib, cot furniture, bathtub, monitor etc) , Product Checklist, Content & Products – Maternity bag and products         
    • Post Natal
      • 0-6m – Feeding, Carrier, bouncer (LINK)
      • 6-12m – playmat/gym,walker, Highchair, gate etc
      • 12- 18m – stroller, car seat Group 2/3 stroller  etc
      • 18-24m – Bowls, stroller, toys
    • Notes
      • We can keep pre and post in the same automation
      • Contacts will auto-skip to their relevant pregnancy stage if they (e.g.,) do not meet the first two rules
      • Due date (date format) data field must be present before this part of the project can begin
    • Cost: 10 credits
    • Includes: end-to-end testing, 1 round of amends if required
    Project requirements
    • Total: 18 credits

      Turnaround within 30 working days of all dependencies being available.

      • Client to provide campaigns or confirm any placeholder campaigns to use for testing purposes
      • Once the project has been delivered and signed-off, there will be a two week period in which they can reach back out to their DMS for any questions 
      • Any change to the above, or additional requirements whilst the project is ongoing will require a rescope and may incur additional cost
    Cost and additional information

    • Quote ref: #2504993354
    • Number of credits = 18


    Professional Services Terms
    The work described hereunder must be redeemed within 12 months from purchase, on a date and time to be agreed with dotdigital. Unless due to the availability of Engagement Cloud, any failure to instruct dotdigital to commence or agree the work described (in whole or in part) will result in forfeiture of the entirety of the fee and no credits or refunds, pro rata or otherwise, will be provided. In addition to the dotdigital Terms, this product is also subject to the terms found at: