Mountain Warehouse - Welcome Automations

Mountain Warehouse - Welcome Automations

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Project Overview
  • Welcome program with regional replications
  • Creation of marketing preferences/ fields

    Project Notes

    • For the programs, I would suggest splitting in to three routes to cover purchasers + subscribed, subscribed only and keeping the dynamic content for language variations only – this just future proofs any changes that may need to be made for each of the routes moving forward and will be clearer on campaign reporting
      • Three of each campaign will need to be created to differ the messaging
        • Purchased and signed up in-store
        • Signed up online and has not made a purchase
        • Signed up online and made a purchase
    • The language groups look good for the programs
      • NA = CA & US
      • Europe 1 = UK, IE, PL, FR, ES
      • Europe 2 = DE (needs an additional step for DOI)
      • ANZ = NZ & AU
    • Preferences, we’ll need confirmation on Marketing Preferences/ Data Fields that need creating and set public – we’ll create up to 10 for this
      o Worth noting, preferences do not change per the contacts locale, so the page will display in the default language (EN) – for preferences that need to change dynamically, this’d be a custom preference centre (CTS)
    • Simplified program outline
      • Contacts enrol (enrolment TBC – ideally no scheduled enrolment either API or address book join action)
      • Last_subscribed date occurs ‘today’
      • Decision for the three routes as above, each route to then follow:
        • Decision to determine the Validation_Code
        • If it’s containing V, they get sent welcome email 1.1
        • If it’s not containing V, they get sent a DOI email (welcome 1.2) – contacts will then be held for X days (5 perhaps) and we then check whether they are double verified. If they aren’t, we delete them from the account
        • Send welcome 2.0 after X days
        • Decision: did they open?
          • Yes, send welcome 3.0 after X days
          • No, resend campaign 2 with a change in subject line (a duplicate campaign will be needed here)
        • For DE, we can follow the above but make sure DOI is the step 1 for all contacts, any contact not DOI will then be deleted
          • Keep this program separate


    Quote outline + costs: 

    1x Program Build (region group TBC) = 12 credits

    3x Program replications with adjustments for = 4 credits per program (12 total)

    • Updated campaigns
    • Updated locale rules
    • Additional step for DE

    Creation of up to 10 preferences/ data fields to be added to this page = 2 credits

    Program walkthrough on screenshare once signed off and follow up documentation = 5 credits

    Programs include
    - Build
    - Internal testing
    - External testing
    - 2x rounds of amends
    - Final round of testing
    - Activation

    Preferences include
    - Preferences creation
    - Form testing
    - 1x round of amends (re-naming fields)
    **for any visual changes to the form/page, this requires creative studio/ CTS

    Client to

    • Provide all campaigns for the programs – where not available, placeholder nodes will be used
    • Confirm enrolment for the programs
      • Address books contacts enter and how they enter (single/ bulk)
      • If it’s possible to push via API
    • Provide fields for preferences
    • Confirm data field(s) for sign-up source and purchase date for the three routes in the programs
    Cost and additional information

    • Turnaround within 30 working days once confirmation of the above outstanding has been provided, and any additional assets required to complete the project
    • Quote ref: #2002560886
    • Number of credits = 31



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