Patisserie Valerie Data Management and Re-engagement Program

Patisserie Valerie Data Management and Re-engagement Program

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Project outline
  • Patisserie Valerie have a new main user with the account and would like to tidy up some of their data
  • The account has been inherited from a few different previous owners and would like to take this opportunity to make sure their data is being utilised effectively
  • Phase 1 will look at a small audit of the account covering
  • Phase 2 will be a re-engagement program build *client to provide campaigns 
    Project scope
    • Phase 1 - mini data audit
      • Scrape of data fields used in programs (11 programs, 2 active) and segments (38 in total). Flag data fields that can safely be deleted or that are not in use - identify if we can we make use of those unused fields
      • Clean up of segments - archive folder or delete any old/ unused, merge any that are duplicated. re-organise segments in to new folers e.g. test, orders, engagement etc. 
      • Clean up of address books (51) - archive folder/ delete unused address books. Re-organise in to new folders
      • Creation of segments, specifically centered on lapsed and engaged/ unengaged 
      • Run the GSL and remove invalid domains and hard bounces 
        • Document the above either on Word or PPT and provide guidance on managing segments and data moving forward e.g. how often to run the GSL
    • Phase 2 - re-engagement program
      • Program recommendation - engagement and deletion criteria to be confirmed with Patisserie Valerie 
        • Enroll based on last engaged and created date 
        • Send email 1 - 'we miss you', include and unsub and DOI button in the emails
        • If DOI button clicked, exit journey
        • If no action was taken within X days, send the next email
        • Repeat decisions from above, with a longer wait time 
        • If no action has been taken, send the final email 'Goodbye'
        • Wait 20 days and re-check for a click to keep opted in, delete contacts if no action has been made 
    Cost and additional information
    • Expected turnaround within 20-25 working days

    • Quote ref: #725587494
    • Number of credits = 24

    A discount has been agreed with your Account Manager. The initial project was estimated at 28 credits, and we have agreed to deliver this at 24 credits instead.

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