Patisserie Valerie - Loyalty Program + Campaigns

Patisserie Valerie - Loyalty Program + Campaigns

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22 Service Credits

Project outline
  • Journey summary:
    • 1x program with 4+4 sends
      • Program summary:
        • Enrol contacts from the 4x tiers
        • Split contacts by their tier type
        • Updated contact data field e.g. Tier_type_bronze = Y
        • Send campaign 1 with their incentive
        • Wait X days (where unique coupon is being used, wait until 7 days before the coupon expires)
        • Send campaign 2 (a duplicate of campaign 1, with an adjustment in subject line, hero image and some updated content for coupon expiry)
        • Wait X days
        • Update contact data field e.g. Tier_Type_Bronze = N
          • I would suggest allowing 6 months before a contact can receive the next reward (where eligible) to avoid over-use of any offers and emails being sent
    • 4x campaigns
      • One for each tier
    • 4x campaign replications
      • One for each tier, to be used as resends where no conversion happens
    • Segment example setups for geographical targeting, and other segments created in line with program rules

  • Costs:
    • Program build and test = 10 credits
    • Stage 1 campaigns x4 = 8 credits (typically 3 credits each, but I’m happy to reduce to 2 creds each)
    • Stage 2 campaigns x4 (resends) = 4 credits – replications of first campaigns, with the adjustments made in subject line, image changes and copy
    • Segments setup = FoC

o Total: 22 


Additional notes

  • Tier segments already exist in the account, merge tier 1 and tier 2 together and then rename the other 3 so they're in order
  • Creative studio quote was provided for animated GIFs - chosen not to move forward with this
    • PV will provide animations
Project requirements
  • What we’ll need for campaigns:
    • Confirmation of the reward type per tier – this doesn’t need to be set-up in the account yet, but will give an indication on the delays we need to use in the program
      • Where campaigns are using coupons, what should the expiry be?
    • Any campaign copy and image assets – we will provide a briefing document for this
      • For now, we can work with placeholders while we build and test the program
      • Campaign assets should be provided at least 10 working days ahead of required due date, to ensure we have enough time to build, test and then make any amends if needed

  • Project process overview
    • Dotdigital builds V1 of program within 7 working days
    • Internal testing complete
    • Campaign assets supplied within 10 working days of the project being redeemed
    • Assets received
    • Campaign builds V1 returned within 8 working days
    • Amends supplied and dotdigital update within 5 working days
Cost and additional information

  • Quote ref: #2115523168 
  • Number of credits = 22


Professional Services Terms
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