UMG - Cross-account replication of email campaigns

UMG - Cross-account replication of email campaigns

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20 Service Credits

Project outline
  • The Dotdigital Custom Technical Solutions team will build and run an automated process to copy a defined list of 300+ campaigns from a source UMG Dotdigital account ( to a target UMG Dotdigital account ( using the Dotdigital API. (15 Credits)
  • The properties that will be replicated for each campaign are:
    • Campaign Name
    • Campaign Subject Line
    • Campaign From Name
    • Campaign From Address (or a new from address in the target account can be used)
    • Campaign HTML Content (see limitations below)
    • Campaign Plain Text Content
    • Campaign Reply Action (default is 'Webmail')
    • Campaign Reply To Address (if required)
    • Campaign Type (Standard/Triggered)
  • A CSV file will also be provided for all campaigns being copied over (5 Credits) which will include:
    • Campaign ID
    • Campaign Name
    • Campaign From Name
    • Campaign Status (Sent/Unsent)
    • Campaign Type (Standard/Triggered)
    • Campaign Tags (These will be pipe separated within a single field)
  • Limitations to be aware of with the replication of the email campaigns are:
    • Any ‘@’ personalisation or Advanced Personalisation in the duplicated campaigns will only work if the required contact data fields, marketing preferences, and Insight data used for that personalisation is available in the target account.
    • Dynamic Content Blocks will not be copied over.
    • Any custom link tracking parameters used in the email campaigns will need to be set-up in the target account to ensure that they work correctly.
    • Link URLs will not be updated. External links will work as expected, however any links that go to a Dotdigital landing page in the source account may no longer work and will need to be replaced with a link to an equivalent landing page within the target account.
    • Images will continue to appear and work in the campaigns, but will not be copied over to the image manager in the target account (if these are needed, they can be downloaded in bulk manually from the source account and imported in bulk to the target account by UMG or Dotdigital Managed Services).
    • Static Product Block content will be replicated correctly, however it will not be possible to edit/update these without selecting a new product catalogue in the target account.
    • Editor Extension Blocks and Product Recommendation blocks will be replicated, but they will not render/work in the target account campaigns (they will need to be replaced manually).
    • Custom Building Blocks will not be copied over.
    • Campaign tags will not be copied over.
    • Campaign folders will not be copied over and campaigns can’t be put in to specific folders in the target account (this can be done manually in bulk after the campaigns have been created).
    • Campaigns will not be automatically linked with any existing or future program automations
    • Campaign activity will not be copied over.
  • This solution can be re-run for other UMG accounts/campaigns for a one off cost of 3 Credits.
    Project requirements
    • Client to provide:
      • A list of all campaign IDs from the source account
      • The from address to use in the target account (this must already be set-up in the account)
      • The reply address to use for all campaigns
    Cost and additional information
    • Expected turnaround within 10 working days upon receipt of assets/ data etc.
    • This solution will only replicate campaigns from one account to one other account, it does not copy to multiple accounts (unless it is run separately for each account).
    • Number of credits = 20



    Professional Services Terms

    The work described hereunder must be redeemed within 12 months from purchase, on a date and time to be agreed with dotdigital. Unless due to the availability of the Dotdigital platform, any failure to instruct Dotdigital to commence or agree the work described (in whole or in part) will result in forfeiture of the entirety of the fee and no credits or refunds, pro rata or otherwise, will be provided. In addition to the Dotdigital Terms, this product is also subject to the terms found at: